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The All-Star Brass recorded this sacred piece and apparently played it a lot. This is probably my "big hit".
Gorgeous rendition by Allison Lovejoy of one of my nocturnes
The City Church developed one of the hippest church music programs I've ever heard of. Kenny Washington kills on my arrangement.
This piece emerged after a dark period had passed. Sadness is Fertile Ground for creativity. Mike Zilber on tenor.
Del Sol was a great band I played with in the 10's. So much talent and sensitivity. Here's an odd-meter version of Stolen Moments.
ESP for ESO. This was one of the great experiences I had with any band. I wrote this piece not knowing anyone could play it. They do!
Madeline Eastman is one of the great big band singers. I arranged this at her suggestion for ESO.
I wrote four musicals with astrologer Michael Lutin. I set his epic poem to music and John Rose nails it.
A beauty from Del Sol featuring Charity Goodin.
Another Lutin/Morton collaboration. This comes from "I Was Nostradamus' Girlfriend" and is one of our favorites.
This is the Scholarship Brass Quintet from the New England Conservatory from 1977. Tim Morrison is on trumpet with me. The early years, my salad days.
Allison Lovejoy also recorded this. It's whimsical and cartoonish and I like it.
My sister, Gail, would sing silly rhymes to her girls, who remembered every word and recorded this Suite with me.
Donna D'Acuti was a great friend and great overall person. I shared her journey in the singer-land. This is one of my favorites.

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