Doug Morton - computers and music

gNeo: a technology-based Internet, Application & Data Services Provider, combining full-service web design production and deployment, top-end systems and database development expertise, e-commerce capability, hosting and maintenance. Founded by independent tech and business pros, grizzled veterans of the great Internet gold rush of the early 21st century, gNeo is an attempt to do it right. Building a backbone of truly useful people, products and services that can support almost anything.  Bring us your ideas, we'll bring them to life.
gNeo provides all the programming talent you need to do what you want. We have experience in full-stack web programming from the database model thru the API and service levels, into sophisticated controller and view technology using AngularJS and jQuery or .NET and javascript implementations.
We have developed a framework and a process that can quickly get clients up-and-running. We call it the 90% solution. Since most of the work on a project is the last 10%, we wanted to build something to get us there as quickly as possible. This system is data-driven and can be quickly and easily customized, allowing us more time to focus on the special needs of a company.
Do you have an older Access or even Excel application you're using that is simply outmoded and only available to single users? We specialize in converting these kinds of applications to the 24/7 acccessibility of the Cloud. You and your users can have real-time access to all your company data from anywhere at anytime, behind a secure firewall.
We have been involved in the computer world since the early 80's. gNeo has a number of alliances with graphic designers, IT specialists and other developers that we can work with to accomplish any goal. gNeo can help you reach your goals in a cost-effective and timely manner.