Doug Morton - computers and music

Try to answer, or just think about, as many of these questions as are applicable. Send via e-mail to, or request a phone call.

Business services

  • Is this about an existing business or an idea for a new one?
  • What kind of business are you in or considering?
  • Do you have a great idea for an app?
Web development
  • Do you need a new site designed from scratch?
    Do you need an existing site modified or repaired?
  • Is there an e-commerce component? A database back-end?
    What technology is being used? Other Web applications?
  • What platform will your site run on (Windows, UNIX)?
  • Are you already hosted? What kind of hosting? What will you need?
  • Will you need ongoing Website support and maintenance?
Application development
  • Do you need new software/firmware/hardware designed from scratch?
    Do you need an existing application modified or repaired?
  • What platforms will your application run on (Windows, Apple, Android, UNIX, EPROM, ASIC)?
  • Are you looking for an engineering team?
    A product development team?
    A project management team?
  • Do you need a strong web presence? A back-end database?