Doug Morton - computers and music
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Doug Morton
145 Wildhorse Valley Drive, Novato, CA 94947 phone: (415) 897-2570 email:


2020 -             Sher Music, Inc.  
Development of complex royalty payment system. Inputs for multiple vendors, allocation of royalties based on international agreements.    SQL, VBA, Access, Excel
2019 -     
Real Estate (for cannabis companies). Built entire system from ground up, wrote multiple APIs including to GoHighLevel, Lob, MapBox, Spokeo, Google. Interface with CoStar Real Estate system.  Use of Google App Scripts to automate folder and contact management. Google   Esri ArcGIS, Python, VBA, CoStar,APIs, Google Apps Script
2019 - 2019    IsoFlex, Inc.  
Radioisotopes company. Very complex inventory and shipping process. Prototypes built in Django / Python and React / Redux for new website.  Migration from Microsoft Office to Google Suite. Automation with Google Apps Script.  NET, MVC, Razor, MS SQL, Data Mart, Power BI/Tableu, AWS, Django, Python, Google Apps Script
2017 - 2019    City of Vacaville  
Fleet management system. Rebuild of app I wrote for them 20 years ago, into full-stack web app.    VBA, GPS, ArcInfo GIS, Full-stack, Angular, Bootstrap, Material, VB.NET, javascript, SQL
2017 - 2018    Prevalent Designs, Inc  
Events management systems.    AngularJS, Bootstrap, Material, C#/VB.NET, javascript, MYSQL). Web service interfaces built for Facebook, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Google, Stripe,, others
2017 - 2018    MyRobot, LLC  
Use of WebRTC for real-time communications.    MongoDB, Node.js, REST, Google Maps, Full-stack (MAMP, LAMP, MEAN stacks), PHP
2017 - 2018    Hahnemann Labs  
Rebuild and maintenance of production, custom OTC orders and customer service.    MVC, WPF, XAML, ORM, Forms, LINQ, SQL, C#, .NET, AngularJS, Node.js
2015 - 2016    Elder Tech  
Worked on prototype of elder care system.    SQL, Android, .NET
2015 - 2018    Larkspur Data, Inc.  
XML and other document parsing and import to a query screen.    SQL, .NET, C#, AngularJS, REST API
2015 -             Professional Publishing , Inc.  
Fillable real estate forms. Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns.    MySQL, PHP, AngularJS, REST API, Adobe Creative Suite, Watermark generators, etc.
2015 - 2015    TeleMedicine  
Linking doctors around the world with services and clinics.    SQL, AngularJS, Sharepoint
2014 - 2014    OpenCar  
Programming of in-dash computer displays.    Full-stack, Angular, Node, Java, REST API unique javascript variant (similar to Node and Typescript)
2014 - 2014    CBS Digital  
Maintenance and upgrades on their web site.    HTML, CSS, Angular.
2014 - 2014    ID-It  
Development of prop inventory system.    Full-stack, Angular, Java, Google Maps, AWS, scanners, GPS, REST API
2014 - 2014    Xamarin evaluation  
Development of several proof-of-concept projects towards evaluation of use in a bigger project.    Xamarin
2014 - 2018    Software ID Services  
Software identification algorithms and database.    SQL, VBA, AngularJS, Access, .NET
2014 - 2018    Sitech, Inc.  
Earlier version of Software ID.    SQL, Obout, .NET , SSRS, SSIS
2012 - 2012    Bay Creative  
SalesForce programming and customization.    SalesForce
2011 - 2012    AFS Child & Family Services  
Child and patient tracking.    .NET, C#, SQL, AngularJS
2011 - 2017    Accel-Dev  
Time management and CRM.    SQL, .NET, AngularJS, Access
2011 - 2017    Collaborative Practice of San Mateo County  
Members website with intranet.    .NET, VB.NET, C#, SQL
2011 - 2016    Collaborative Practice of California  
Members website with intranet.    .NET, VB.NET, C#, SQL
2010 - 2015    Global Merino  
Production and sales tracking system.    .NET, C#, SQL
2010 - 2012    Streamline Mailing Systems / EcoThrift, Inc,  
Mailing management.    .NET, C#, VB.NET, SQL, HTML/CSS
2008 -             City of Riverbank  
City Fleet Management system.    VBA, Access, SQL
2007 -             Ghilotti Brothers  
Bids and Jobs management and project tracking.    .NET, ASP, SQL, Access
2006 - 2006    Hipsolve, Inc.  
Website music download and artist development company    C#
2006 - 2009    International Academy of Collaborative Professionals  
Rebuilt existing web site, including complex search feature integrating Google Maps, e-commerce, auto-emails, newsletter delivery, forum registration, scholarship applications, media galleries and much more. Built complex survey and analysis tool.    .NET, DevEx, SQL, Maps, Excel, VBA, Access
2004 - 2004    Aurora Consulting Group  
On-line database for statistical analysis of fund-raising and charitable activites.    Excel, Access, ASP.
2004 - 2007    City of Dixon  
Public Works Department management system.    VBA, Access, SQL.
2004 -             Northern Marin Water District  
Two management systems for water projects.    SQL, .NET, ASP, Access
2003 -             Verified Audit  
Audit management system.    Javascript, .NET, SQL, Ajax
2003 - 2007    Turrentine Wine Brokerage  
Wine Brokerage website.    HTML/CSS/javascript, SQL, Ajax
2003 - 2013    Payroll Masters, Inc.  
Payroll Company website.    Javascript, Ajax, HTML/CSS
2003 - 2004    Novato Chamber of Commerce  
Built main database and website.    SQL, HTML / CSS / javascript.
2003 - 2005    Database Solutions of Marin  
Various projects - time management, CRM, real estate, construction.    .NET, VBA, ASP, Access
2003 - 2003    Novato School of the Arts  
Website.    ASP, SQL, HTML / CSS / javascript
2003 - 2004    KitchenWorks  
Used geometric techniques to determine most efficient way to utilize sheets of lumber in the construction of cabinets. Consulted on other systems, including Purchasing, Pricing, Customer Surveys, Charts & Graphs, Call Center and auto-faxing software    VBA, SQL, Excel, Access
2003 - 2005    Professional Program Insurance Brokers  
Various projects involving re-insurers. PDF generation, email sequencing    VBA, .NET
2003 - 2004    Pacific Fertility Clinic  
Reworked database from Paradox to Access    Paradox, Access
2002 - 2002    Greenfarm, SSU  
Website.    ASP, SQL, HTML / CSS / javascript
2002 - 2006    Lovin' Spoonful  
E-Commerce and Intranet.    ASP, .NET, HTML / CSS / Javascript, Ajax
2001 - 2001    Renew  
Website.    ASP, SQL, HTML / CSS / javascript
2001 - 2002    Triad Electronics  
Web-based job specification system.    ASP, SQL, HTML / CSS / javascript
2001 - 2003    Flagclothes  
E-Commerce and retail site.    ASP, SQL, HTML / CSS / javascript
2001 - 2002    EmployVN  
Employment management service.    ASP, SQL, HTML / CSS / javascript
2001 - 2001    Profound Technologies  
Co-founder of this core technology company. Co-developer of a major dNOS called Minerva. This company is focused on developing inventions, securing patents, and arranging licensing of our technologies to third parties.    Delphi
2001 -     Co-Founder
Instigator and engine behind this developer’s membership group, which offers value-added hosting and specializes in database-enabled web sites. Additional expertise includes e-commerce and cross-browser compatibility, including hand-held devices.  Medical, retail, finance, employment services, and technical apps. Reworked site in Python / Django. Migration from MS Office to Google Suite with Google Apps Script.  All databases, Python, Django, VBA, Angular, Google Apps Script, PHP, APIs
2000 - 2003    Mplus, Inc.  Co-Founder, CIO
Founded company after demise of Sage, focusing on the non-hardware aspects of the system. Goal was to be able to manage all sorts of devices over the internet independent of hardware. Built a macro language.  I was CIO but for a while I served as the CEO until a more experienced person was available. Built and managed all systems for this company. Investor relations, special projects, general management.  SQL, VBA, Delphi, web tech, C++
2000 - 2000    Banque Nationale de Paris  
Maturity Tracking, Commitments, Profitability systems. Access, Automate    Access, Automate
2000 - 2000    Theseus Logic  
Website.    ASP, SQL, HTML / CSS / javascript
1999 - 1999    Judicial Council of California  
Upgraded their databases    SQL, MySQL
1999 - 1999    Contra Costa County  
Consolidated Land Use and Permitting systems.    SQL, ASP, Access
1999 - 2001    Richardson Consulting Group  
Secondary Mortgage processing.    VBA, SQL, Ajax
1999 -             City of Vacaville  
Work Order / Maintenance / Public Works / Corp Yard / Inventory Tracking / GPS / Mapping    VBA, GPS, ArcInfo GIS, Google Maps
1999 - 1999    The Gap  
Real estate analysis building statistical models for stores (AARS) and RealDeal for store comparisons.    VBA, Access, MapInfo
1999 - 1999    Applied Risk Management  
Developed data mart and data dictional for General Liability division.    Access / SQL
1999 - 1999    Netcentives  
Custom Outlook application.    OLE, Excel, Word, Access
1999 - 1999    National Bicycle Dealers Assoc  
Data analysis.    Excel
1999 - 1999    CD Computers  
Website.    ASP, SQL, HTML / CSS / javascript
1999 - 1999    BayPark Retirement Home  
Website.    ASP, SQL, HTML / CSS / javascript
1998 - 1999    Natl Council of Grantmakers  
Data troubleshooting    dBase, SQL
1998 - 1999    VISA International  
Y2K analysis, Vendor Tracking.    Access, SQL, VBA, Delphi, InstallShield
1998 - 2000    Engineered Environments  
Dual platform job tracking system    Filemaker
1998 - 2001    Sage Systems  Co-Founder, CIO, VP Info Systems
Early smart home tech, allowed device control over the web. Developed innovative system involving custom hardware and electrical line networks. Built version for early cell phones and PDAs. Worked on appliance network protocol.  I co-founded the company and was involved in strategic planning, raising money, implementing company systems and processes and management of the programming staff.  Visual InterDev, ASP, custom-built DLLs and COM objects, Delphi, Java, Access, SQL, network design and implementation, IT
1997 - 2012    Extegrity, Inc.  
Co-founder and CIO. Program allows for secure exams (everything blocked but the test) now used by schools worldwide. Light-weight system ‘lock-outs’, simple install, production using assembly-line customization. On-line grading, admin, takehome exams    Delphi 3 and 5, AppleScript, ResEdit, .NET, SQL
1997 - 1998    Bank of America  Real Estate Appraisal
Automated appraisal system.    SQL, VBA, C, dBase
1996 - 1997    Parker Reorder Company  
Hotel reorder system, dynamic links to accounting system.    C, C++, SQL, Great Plains
1996 - 1997    Power Learning Systems  
Accounting system interface.    SQL, Great Plains, VBA, links to ACH
1996 - 1997    M1 Software  CFO / Controller
Developed internal systems and consulted on outside projects.    SQL, .NET, Great Plains
1996 - 1996    Wells Fargo  Wholesale Banking
Document image indexing system.    Delphi, Oracle
1996 - 1996    Chiron  Sales Administration
Sales tracking (distributable).    VBA, Xcellenet, Oracle, Excel
1996 - 1996    Chiron  Legal
Contact Management (CMS).    FileMaker, Access
1996 - 1996    Chiron  Diagnostics
Contact Management (CMS).    FileMaker, Access
1996 - 1996    Infocom  
Newsletter automation.    WordBasic
1995 - 1995    Fritz Companies  
Payroll Budgeting / Forecasting.    Access
1995 - 1995    Intel Corporation  
Design document distribution.    Paradox, Notes
1995 - 1995    Silicon Valley Bank  Strategic Planning
General Ledger interface.    Access, AS/400, Lotus
1995 - 1995    Silicon Valley Bank  Cash Management
Corresponding Banks and Unposted Transactions system.    Access, Oracle, Notes
1995 - 1995    Wells Fargo  Telemarketing support
Telemarketing reporting system.    Paradox, C
1995 - 1995    Wells Fargo  Real Estate Technical
Nationwide real estate project tracking.    FoxPro, Paradox, Access
1995 - 1995    Bank of America  Real Estate Technical
Real estate project tracking.    Paradox, FoxPro
1995 - 1995    Bank of America  World Banking Group
Order system.    Notes, SQL, Delphi, Access
1994 - 1994    Management & Personnel Systems  
Prototyped national interview library in Paradox    Paradox
1994 - 1994    Paradigm Publishing  
Medical clinic and immunization tracking.    Paradox, Access, VBA
1994 - 1995    Systems Partners, Inc.  
Contractor tracking system.    PowerBUilder, C++, Sybase
1994 - 1994    Borland International  
Built regression testing system for Paradox.    Paradox, Oracle, Informix, SQL, Sybase
1994 - 1998    Integrated Development  Partner, Director of Development
Work on several approaches involving front-ends to ODBC/SQL client/server databases. Researched and used code generators, visual development and templates.  Nationwide bail bonds tracking, interfaces to Great Plains, QuickBooks, directory services, web sites, health care, membership tracking, budgeting/forecasting, personnel, project tracking  Access, VBA, Spread/VBX, Tab/Pro, WinWidgets, TrueGrid, C/C++, PowerBuilder, Clipper, ProtoGen+, Excel, FoxPro, Sybase, Watcom, SQL Server, accounting, budgeting, Great Plains, ADP, Solomon
1994 - 1995    Wells Fargo  Personnel
Various systems. Scanner and mainframe interface.    Oracle, PL/SQL, Unix, Quark, Focus
1991 - 1992    US Postal Service  
Nationwide Account Management system.    Oracle/Focus to Paradox
1991 - 1992    Kransco, Inc.  
Repricing system.    Paradox, AS/400
1991 - 1992    UC California  
Executive Tracking, Publications Management, Projects Management.    Paradox, ObjectVision
1990 - 1991    ComputerLand Corp.  
National Service Contract Admin.    dBase, Clipper
1990 - 1991    Allertech  
Pharmacological Program. Interface between instruments and program.    Clipper
1990 - 1990    EPRI  
Bridging personal computers to mainframes (IBM 3090 and 3081).    Token Ring, Appletalk, VB/SA, CMS, CP, JCL, Nomad
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  Consumer Lending
Various projects.     FoxPro, Paradox, VBA
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  Projects Tracking
Project tracking.    Paradox
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  Names
Company rolodex.    Paradox
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  Reg B Exception
Imports from mainframe into analyzer.    DDE, Nomad, Attachmate, ABACIS
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  Cross-Certification
Training tracking.    Paradox
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  Underwriter Review
Report card system.    DDE, Attachmate.
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  ATM Tracking
Tracks ATM videos.    Paradox
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  Global Product Service
Profit & Loss management system.    Paradox
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  Other Real Estate divisions
Various projects.    FoxPro, Paradox, VBA
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  Accounting Merger Team
Employee Absence Tracking.    Nomad, Paradox
1990 - 1994    Bank of America  Capital Markets
HLT (Highly-Leveraged Tracking) system.    Paradox
1990 - 1991    Berle Southard Construction  
System design and programming for construction firm tracking clients, receivables, payables, work in progress. Developed project on IBM with Paradox and ported to Macintosh using FoxBase.    Paradox, Mac, Fox
1990 - 1990    San Francisco Chamber Singers  
System setup, program consultation and design towards an integrated management and grant-writing program.    IT and design
1990 - 1990    San Francisco Mime Troupe  
System programming/enhancements. Designed member and contact databases programs.    IT and design
1990 - 1990    Animal Legal Defense Fund  
System upgrading and revamping. New software installation.    IT
1990 - 1990    EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute)  
Built informational catalog publishing EPRI projects. Specced and tested wide range of options towards bridging personal computers (Macs and IBMs) to mainframes (IBM 3090 and 3081), setting up gateway servers over networks (Appletalk/Token Ring).    VM/SA, CMS, CP, JCL, Nomad, FoxPro, FoxBase for the Mac
1990 - 1990    Tetratech  
Worked with an on-site programmer to develop the ODES data system that will likely become a national standard for reporting to the EPA on the water content of bays, estuaries and other bodies of water.  Had to work within the EPA data structures and write an appropriate user interface maintaining appropriate hierarchical structures in Clipper.  Clipper
1990 - 1990    Tragon Corporation  
Installed FoxPro and slightly modified a FoxPlus application and tested this survey software for speed and compatability.    Fox, FoxPro, FoxPlus
1989 - 1992    San Francisco Jewelry Company  
Network installation, modified, enhanced and eventually replaced existing system. Programmed huge and growing customer/order databases requiring sophisticated ongoing maintenance.  Customer/order tracking, A/R, A/P, showcase and retail tracking systems, check writing/refund system, inventory (5 levels), invoice and networked reporting to accounting. Very involved data transfer sequence.  dBase, Paradox, Clipper, Pdox Engine, Novell
1989 - 1989    Chiron, Inc.  
Reprogram of patent tracking system to accommodate yearly account rollover for this genetic engineering firm. Redesigned internals of already existing program to improve speed and flexibility.    DBase, dBXL
1989 - 1989    Accelerated Information  
Car Loan Tracking Application for Bank of America. Programmed enhancements and debugged existing software.    Nomad, Paradox
1989 - 1990    Berkeley Shakespeare Festival  
System streamlining, organized relational databases and interfaces. Memory installs.    IT
1989 - 1989    Entertainment, Unltd.  
Scheduling, artists database.    C, Clipper
1989 - 1989    Alameda Homes and Investments  
System set up. Mass mailings. Investor databases.    Q&A, Pagemaker
1989 - 1993    Hastings College of the Law  
Survey analysis, telephone data processing, field searches, mainframe interface.    Fox, dBase, C
1988 - 1989    Marin Education Foundation  
Grants Management.    Paradox
1988 - 1988    Michael Arrich, Inc.  
Mutual Funds tracking system.    C, Foxbase, Clipper
1988 - 1988    Compudata  
Designed and programmed point-of-sale retail program with invoicing, customer and vendor links, inventory, receivables, payables and summaries of above.    C, Clipper, dBase, Paradox
1988 - 1989    C.W. Sweeney  
For this trust management firm: delinquency tracking, addressing, computer configuration, company activities, multi-factored pension payments, dozens of accounting functions, including C programming to parse and handle massive mainframe downloads.  Research into mainframe/mini/micro hookups using Burroughs 9700 (Unisys), Texas Instruments and IBM PCs.  Fox, Paradox, Excel and MS Windows, C
1988 - 1989    Culinary Brands  
Supplies, Sales, Production, Analysis systems.    C, Clipper, Paradox
1987 - 1988    Russell Resources  
Hazard cleanup tracking.    Visual Basic
1987 - 1988    Illustrious Lighting  
Retail and service tracking.    Fox
1987 - 1988    Institute for Human Resources  
On-line traveler's service.    C, Clipper
1987 - 1989    California Council for the Humanities  
Accounting and Grants Management systems.    dBase, Clipper, Paradox, Fox, C
1982 - 1987    Baker & McKenzie  
Brought in first mini-computer (Wang). Learned to program.    Basic, Cobol


Full-stack web programming e-Commerce Security Internet of Things Windows
Mac Linux All SQL (esp. SQL Server) Access Paradox
dBase Filemaker FoxPro PowerBuilder REST API
.NET MVC (both .NET and Java) HTML 5 CSS javascript
AngularJS / Bootstrap jQuery Java C / C# / C++ PHP/MySQL
Visual Basic and VBA Android Delphi C++ SSRS / SSAS
SOAP RESTful APIs Git Maven Agile
Bash XML PDF programming Word and Excel macros Replication
GPS Drag-and-drop uploads ODBC OLE MongoDB
AWS Google Maps Paypal AdWords AppleScript
ResEdit Azure Sharepoint Xamarin SalesForce
Great Plains QuickBooks DevEx Ajax Node.js


University of California, Berkeley. Courses in IBM/36 Assembler, Unix, C, telecommunications - 1984-1986
Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) - 1977-1981
New England Conservatory of Music (BM), Music Performance. Boston, Massachusetts, 1973-1977. Phi Beta Kappa
Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, MI. 1972-1973