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Doug Morton
Novato, CA
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Doug Morton has been a computer consultant and developer for over 30 years. He has worked for nearly every type and size of business - from 2-person non-profits to multi-national companies, ranging from a lighting shop for a small business owner up to Visa, Bank of America, the University of California, the US Postal Service - and everything in between. He has started and run companies, getting involved in financing and staffing, marketing and promotion and has functioned as CIO and even acting CEO. His efforts have been featured in Wired and Forbes magazines.

He has written custom applications in banking, accounting, inventory, personnel, project management, fleet management, utilities, city management, real estate - and recently, built on-line international communities and e-commerce sites. With some partners, he was a pioneer in the integrated home control field - being one of the first to develop internet control of devices.

His operating philosophy is to listen and learn, then build as needed from a strong foundation, isolating and solving problems as they arise. He really enjoys the learning and creative challenges that application development requires - and the excitement of new ventures. Nothing ventured - nothing gained.

Doug bought one of the first Macs and one of the first PCs back in the early 80's at the dawn of the personal computer revolution. He now has a wireless network with several powerful computers, and a broadband connection to the internet so that he can work on his internet servers directly from his home desktop. It's been an amazing ride.